Vision and mission


The vision of this program is to be the first in quality premises, excellent design and implementation of modules, according to recent advances in health professionals education, the first in evaluation and the best in nursing professionalism.

The mission of the nursing program is to graduate up-to-date service and research-oriented nurses, with a strong commitment to solve nursing health problems, in a rich-science environment, aligning, as an active member, with a comprehensive and devout health team.


A student interested in joining the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, has to:

Obtain pass mark in in seven subjects including: Arabic language, religious studies, English language, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. International students who have not studied Arabic and religious studies may have more alternative subjects from an approved list of subjects published in the webpage of Ministry of Higher Education.

Achieve the percentage in Sudan School Certificate announced every year (International students may have 10% less in the School Certificate scores.

Apply electronically though the website of the Admission and Accreditation Office, Ministry of Higher Education, or apply directly in Admission Office in Eldaein University, and pass the health examination, aptitude tests and interview at the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery.


Students qualified with this Bachelor Degree pass through a track decreed by the Health Professions Council, and are accredited as nurses and midwives, practice in hospitals, health centres both public and private, and may pursue postgraduate studies to obtain master’s degree or PhD in the field of nursing to qualify for university teaching staff, in programs of health professions. The graduate may be interested in managerial, commercial, industrial or charity career, related to one of the various specialties in the discipline

International graduates can follow the same track if they preferred to stay in the Sudan, but may also start their registration and internship in their own countries or residence.